How to speed up your android Device by disabling animation

Mostly Android devices shows animations to the users when the users tried to transistors it take the user and legging. They use small or law resources send it slows up the phone also

but there is a good news also there are options for disabling the animation from the android smartphone device which will help you to feel that your phone is working fast as compared. It can be known as the key word of the application because 8 not only speed up the phone it just tried to showcase or display so the menu bar will load faster and it will automatically affect your phone for working fast. Its price up making Dilo Lord of the CPU and GPU and it will help for decreasing the leg system with the few resource in the Android smartphone for that you have to follow. We are so like us many of the Android smartphone users also get irritate from these animations . So here are some of the steps which will help you to disable the animations in your Android smartphone.


  • You need to enable the option of developers


You might have not enable developer option in your Android smartphone but for this the user have to enable the developers options.

For that you have to go to the settings in your Android smartphone ,then system and then you have to press on the about phone .

When you will press the about phone in your Android smartphone devices.You will be get to became the developer.

After you are the developer, you will be able for entering the setting in the menu for that you have to go to the settings in your Android smartphone then you have to type on this system button in your android smartphone.


  • You can change the animations


Changing animations in your Android smartphone you have to go to the settings then systems then you have to type on the developer option when you will be able to developer option there will be a sign of drawing when you will do like this all the processes you will be get the full preference but there are also some amount of the animations which helps to make everything display in a good way from there you can set the animations from 0.5 x 2 spelling app for making them the default in the options of 1 X without killing them completely if you have ever tried for making at the small resource Android smartphone it will usually feel small or little Snappy for that you have to go Above and you have to disabled the animations in your Android smartphone completely it can also make your phone work fast and better as compared and it will also less than lots of the hardware which are Limited in the smartphone.

These steps will help you for changing the facts whenever you want to but for doing this you will be restarting your Android smartphone launcher all the animation have been changed for doing this have to go to any of your Android Launcher application and then you can simply just the force stop option when it will be done you will get to relaunch the smartphone so from this you will be able to get d some of the applications and can even make the transition for another of the screen it will be automatically change as soon you follow this step and your phone will not play any of the animation and you can use it for processing to render the animation.