Top 5 WhatsApp features you should TRY !!

Everyone these days uses WhatsApp. Whether it is education, networking or even professional work, WhatsApp is one of the best ways of communication. With over a billion users and expanding, one can find almost anyone and everyone using WhatsApp. If you want to impress your friends and colleagues with your texts here are five WhatsApp features you must try RIGHT NOW.

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1.Format your text

Most of us probably write and read WhatsApp text , hundreds and thousands of times in a day. But what only some of us know is that you can edit the text you type into some cooler fonts such as bold, italics or strikethrough. It is sure to leave an impression on the reader immediately. While I phone users can select the text and hitting the ‘more options’ key in the pop up menu and selecting the formatting option you want.

Whereas android users can add special symbols in the beginning and ending of the text which you want to stand out :-

  • Asterisk for bold text

         Ex *text to appear bold*

  • Tilde for strikethrough effect.

         Ex ~text to be strike through~

  • Three back ticks for monospace.

         Ex “`text to come in spaced out style“`

  • Underscore for italic

         Ex _text to be slanted_


This feature requires you to manually add strings, but there is awesome whatsapp mod app called GBWhatsApp, which you can use to select text and do this easily.


  1. Forget finding your “constants” again

Tired of finding your besties again and again in your always streaming chats ? Well, then this hack is sure to help your misery.

You can fix the place of your frequent friends in the top of you chat page forever ( Just like your friendship). All you have to do is select the contact and tap the pin icon on the top bar. WhatsApp will pin it at the top of your chat list where it will always be available for you.

  1. Customize your notifications

Not all of your friends are equal and some of their deserve special attention from you. You can select from a variety of notification tones and other notification settings using just some taps.

All you have to do is

tap on the contact you want to customize.

Touch on their name on the tap.

Select Custom notifications and voila!

You are free to choose your own set of setting as per your requirement.

  1. Get rid of the blue ticks

Turn invisible. Well not really, but there is a way by which you can read your texts without the sender knowing about it at all. Just

Open WhatsApp

Tap the three dots on the top right corner

Go to settings

Select Account

Tap on the privacy option

Uncheck read receipts

And you are free of anyone ever complaining of not receiving your replies.

  1. Save your precious DATA.

We all are part of a group that sends ridiculous images and videos in bulk. Your data is wasted on this useless media and you have to delete it later from your phone. But you can very smartly escape from this tedious task by using this hack. Just go to the settings in your app and Tap on Data and storage usage. Here you will encounter various settings spread over a number of combinations of media. Select your preference and enjoy your saved data.

These simple steps can go a long way in saving your time, data and storage. So next time you use the app and devote a couple of seconds to increase your productivity and efficiency.